10 Essential Skills Financial Professionals Need Today

10 Essential Skills Financial Professionals Need Today

As a result of the predicted global recession, the business environment continues to remain volatile and is more dynamic than ever. As a result, finance professionals who work efficiently, think strategically and can take quick decisions, can pivot as needed. To thrive, professionals must accept and adapt to changing circumstances while responding to opportunities and […]

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The 10 biggest challenges of breaking into investment banking and how to overcome them

The 10 biggest challenges of breaking into investment banking and how to overcome them

Investment banking, being one of the top career choices for fresh graduates, tends to attract many. Fresh out of business school, the allure of a six-figure salary, being immersed in the Wall Street culture, and the prestige of working for one of the world’s oldest business institutions can be enticing. Even if you have a […]

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How to Start Your Dream Career in Private Equity

Have you ever imagined turning a $20 million investment into $50 billion in less than 15 years? That was a mega deal led by Softbank in the early years of Alibaba – one of the most successful Private Equity (PE) deals of all time.  PE is one of the fastest growing industries in the financial […]

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5 Investment Bank(s) You Can Aim to Work for at the Beginning of Your Career

Despite the demanding working style, cut-throat competition, and the long hours involved, investment banking continues to attract tons of job applications every year. An investment banker works with companies on large corporate transactions such as mergers & acquisitions, capital markets, fundraising, IPOs, and investments in general.  But why exactly the gravitation to investment banking? Its […]

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Top 3 Things You Should Know About Swaps

As the name suggests, a swap is a financial exchange agreement in which the involved parties swap pre-agreed cash flows. These flows are typically related to interest payments based on the nominal amount of the swap. Between the two cash flows, one value is always fixed and the other is variable and based on an […]

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Top Three Ways to Launch Your Career at Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse dates back to 1856, when it was originally founded as Schweizerische Kreditanstalt to finance the expansion of the railroad network and boost industrialisation in Switzerland. Over the next century and a half, it would go on to become one of the world’s leading financial powerhouses.  Owing to its reputation, Credit Suisse receives a […]

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How to Land a Dream Role in Investment Banking at CitiBank

CitiBank was founded in 1812 in New York. Today, it is one of the world’s leading banks with their core activities as: safeguarding assets, lending money, making payments, and accessing the capital markets on behalf of their clients.  With over 200 years of experience under their belt, CitiBank is also one of the most coveted […]

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Top three ways to get into Bank of America with no experience

Bank of America is an American multinational investment bank. It is headquartered in North Carolina, U.S. Currently, BoA is the second largest bank in the U.S., the first being JP Morgan Chase. Bank of America is included in the Big Four banks in the U.S., the other being JP Morgan Chase, Well Fargo, and Citibank. […]

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3 horrible mistakes you might be making with financial analysis

Financial analysis is a significant part of all investment banking deals. It refers to the process undertaken to analyse and evaluate projects, companies, or other financial transactions based on their returns, performance, and suitability to the investment bank. Financial analysts have to use multiple analysis techniques like fundamental and trend analysis to derive their conclusions. […]

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10 things your boss wishes you knew about the currency market

The currency market is a platform where participants can come together to buy and sell various currencies. It is also known as the foreign exchange or forex market.  The currency market plays a pivotal role in international trade and resultantly, in the economy. However, not many people know about the currency market and how it […]

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10 Things About The Equities Market That You May Not Know

We all know that stock markets, also known as equity markets, are a hot topic especially owing to current events such as the pandemic, the predicted recession, and Russia’s war on Ukraine. But why do stock markets exist? What is a stock market The stock market is a platform where shares/equity of companies are traded. […]

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3 Ways to Become and Think Like a CFO

The Chief Financial Officer or CFO is a highly sought after executive role. The CFO is responsible for a company’s financial health. Their responsibilities include financial planning, tracking cash flow and profitability, and managing the organisation’s accounting and finance departments. It goes without saying that the position is a high-stake, high-rewards one and requires the […]

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3 Ways An LIBF Certification Can Help You Excel in Your Finance Career

If you work in or aspire to become a part of the financial services sector, you must be familiar with The London Institute of Banking and Finance or LIBF. They’re known as lifelong partners for financial education.  The LIBF “provides a balance of experience, insight and thought leadership into today’s financial world, delivered by industry […]

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Learning Maths for Financial Markets With no Prior Experience

As we all know, a job in the financial markets requires an understanding of maths. Learning maths for the financial markets with no prior experience can feel scary. It is not necessary to be an expert in mathematics, however, it is essential to know the basics.  During the actual job, investment bankers don’t use complicated […]

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3 Major IPO Myths and Facts You Must Know

Whether you keep up with business news or not, you must have heard the term ‘IPO’ multiple times in the last year. The Indian stock market has seen a sudden rise in private companies wanting to go public. In 2021, the stock market saw 63 IPOs and 33 unicorn startups! With such a staggering number […]

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3 Ways to Land a Job at JPMorgan

If you’re entering the world of investment banking starry-eyed and with lofty dreams, JPMorgan most likely sits atop your list of places to work at. After all, its parent company  JPMorgan Chase & Co. is the world’s largest bank by assets valued at $3.76 trillion. It is also the largest investment bank in the world […]

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13 Things About Cash Flow Statements You May Have Not Known

The cash flow statement may not be as popular as its other two counterparts – income statement and balance sheet. Yet, this single instrument can give a peek into one of a business’ most important aspects – whether it has money to pay its expenses and run the business. So, we’d like to take you […]

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The Derivatives Market Explained in Less than 700 words

The Derivatives Market Explained in Less than 700 words

You have been accepted to your dream university in the UK and plan to move in the next few months from India. Even though you’re mostly afloat on cloud nine, a worry whirls in your mind-does this mean you’d be broke soon? To make matters worse, you see that the British currency – the Pound […]

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13 Things about income statement you may not have known

13 Things about income statement you may not have known

You don’t need a background in finance or business or understand what an income statement is. As the name explains, this is a financial tool that records and shows a business’ income. To calculate income, one has to know the revenue and expenses, hence, an income statement clocks in all the revenue and expenses for […]

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5 Career advice that no one tells you

1. FINDING YOUR PURPOSE IS OVERRATED “Find your purpose” is one of the stupid pieces of advice anyone can give. Just picture this: At different points in life, you thought your purpose was to be a doctor, a pilot, a singer, a pianist, a director, an entrepreneur and so much more. But in reality, there […]

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Top five reasons for choosing a career in fixed income trading

Top five reasons for choosing a career in fixed income trading

People familiar with the investment banking industry are most likely to have at the least a working knowledge of equities and equity markets. Many people entering investment banking see themselves working as a trader on an equities desk, trading a company’s shares or different types of derivatives in those shares.  Ask people about ‘Fixed income […]

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Five common mistakes people make when writing a CV in Finance

Your CV is often the first impression a company gets of you, and so it is crucial that what is written on it gives the reader a positive feeling. Without a positive first impression, it is unlikely that you will proceed any further in the recruitment stage for any finance role. We have compiled a […]

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How to enter the finance industry without a finance degree

A degree in finance, economics, or accounting is a prerequisite for certain banking, asset management, or insurance industry jobs. These degrees demonstrate technical proficiency in skills such as financial modeling or derivatives valuation. On their own, however, these degrees are less likely to demonstrate other skills required for success in almost any professional role, such […]

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Inspirational woman leaders in finance

Progress towards gender equality in many industries remains slow. While focusing on corporate America, McKinsey’s Workplace 2020 report highlights the disparity experienced by women in workplaces globally. Additionally, the COVID pandemic in 2020 disproportionately impacted women, especially women of color, more than men. This impact was felt through disproportionately higher job losses for women and […]

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Working on the trading desk

Often when thinking about investment banks, people will conjure up images of traders sitting behind a wall of screens, with a telephone in each ear, shouting across the dealing room to a colleague. The reality is that with the advent of technology and changes in regulations, trading jobs have changed, and trading desks are not […]

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How I got into an investment banking role at Morgan Stanley

What was my pathway into working for an Investment Bank? Approaching the end of my undergraduate course (B.A. (hons) Classics, from King’s College, London), only a few of my peers, even those studying more vocational subjects, really knew which career they wanted. After graduation, many of us had false starts in all sorts of different […]

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Working in Compliance

Compliance roles are vital in a modern financial institution. As you can see from the Risk chapter from FMI’s Introduction to Asset Management below, roles in compliance mean managing and mitigating some of the most critical issues faced by banks and asset managers today. If you work in a compliance role for a bank or […]

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