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  • Key ratios for company analysis

    This useful download provides an overview of the key ratios used for company analysis by Analysts in banks. This free download is a great resource for students looking to gain tools and tips around key ratios to support their studies, or in preparation for upcoming interviews. The ratios download is also a handy guide for those working in banking.

  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeovers glossary

    Mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers have always been an important topic in the corporate finance world. These common terms listed are significant points of discussion and critical to understand these public or private companies’ merger, acquisition, or takeover process. Many of the definitions listed in the glossary are covered in greater depth in the Fmi Investment Banking Pathway.

  • 50 interview questions for IB role

    Preparing for Investment Banking interview? Here are the top 50 technical interview questions to prepare for role in Investment bank.

  • Resume Template

    If you are looking for an interview winning resume template, here is a template we have built that students can edit to enter their details and use it to apply for finance jobs.

  • Cover Letter Template

    Interview Winning Cover Letter Template for Finance students. A cover letter accompanies a CV and is an important way to showcase recruiters and hiring managers how your unique combination of skills and experience are suitable for the job.

  • Tips for a virtual interview

    This practical download will provide you with effective techniques to help you better connect and engage with the interviewer in a virtual environment. It provides practical tools and tips to make a lasting impression in a job interview with the two key senses available – sight and sound.

  • Suggested books to read

    We have put together our recommendations of books you should consider reading, based on what we have found really useful over 30 years of designing training for the financial services industry. Our book review is broken down by subject area for easy navigation.

  • Bloomberg guide and shortcuts

    Here at Fmi we use Bloomberg to research the financial markets and to access financial market data. We have compiled a list of key functions, keystrokes, and shortcuts to help you navigate Bloomberg.

  • Writing a CV for the front office

    Writing a CV for a job in an investment bank’s front office is not easy, and it’s a high stakes game considering what’s on the line. We have put together a useful guide to help you in putting together a compelling CV.

  • 5 key skills you need to be hired

    Regardless of the role you are considering in the financial services industry, we’ve provided five key skills that are essential.

  • Fixed income glossary

    If you are considering a career as a Financial Analyst, then our Fixed income glossary is for you! Great for interview preparation, it covers all of the key definitions, terms and jargons used in the fixed income markets and essential for any Financial Analyst. These terms are also explored in our Fixed Income Fundamentals and Fixed Income Analytics courses.

  • Asset management glossary

    This asset management glossary covers the key terms and definitions used in the fund management industry. The glossary is a must-have download for anyone preparing for an interview with a fund management organization. Many of the definitions listed in the Asset management glossary are covered in greater depth in the Fmi Asset Management Pathway.

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