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About Fmi

Welcome to Fmi Online

At Fmi, we are passionate about helping you to learn and grow your career in the financial services industry. Created by experts who’ve been delivering training to the world’s leading financial institutions for over 35 years, we know what skills top employers are looking for. Our practical online learning pathways have been designed with this in mind, supporting you at every step to land your dream job in finance!

Fmi is part of MDA Training – a training company trusted and renowned for designing and delivering industry leading early careers training to many global banks, asset managers and insurers the world over. Drawing on this experience, Fmi was established with one clear purpose: to enable students aspiring for a career in the financial services industry to access world-class learning in a cost-effective way

Start your learning journey with Fmi today and benefit from same quality training delivered to the world’s leading financial institutions on their early careers programs.

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We’ve carefully designed Fmi to support you in your career journey

We have the courses and resources you need to succeed. Our pathways are up-to-date, full of practical resources, and lead to an Fmi Pathway Certificate.

A trusted training partner to leading global financial institutions | FMI Online

A trusted training partner to leading global financial institutions

Fmi is the digital arm of MDA Training – a recognised name in training with over 35 years’ experience in the financial services industry. Our deep understanding is woven into our learning– giving you practical tips and insights to stand out throughout.

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Practical skills all employers are looking for | FMI Online

Practical skills all employers are looking for

We know the skills you need to develop based on our experience of working with major banks and financial institutions. Our learning is shaped around this, helping you to develop relevant skills sought after by all employers.

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Accredited by the London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF) | FMI Online

International Recognition

All of our learning pathways are curated by MDA Training, founded in 1988 by the founding professor of the London Business School, has certified our learning pathways

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Learn by doing | Fmi Online

Learn by doing

Our learning pathways include our unique virtual simulations designed to help you develop a practical understanding of the learning content. Your practical understanding of a financial concept or product learnt from one of our simulations could be the difference between you and another candidate!

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Training created by industry-leading learning experts | Fmi Online

Training created by industry-leading learning experts

Our trainers are renowned for creating world-class learning solutions for our major financial services clients. The same trainers have created Fmi – giving you access to the same world-class learning delivered on many intern and graduate training programs, but in a flexible and easy to access online format.

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Access your learning for 5 years | Fmi Online

Access your learning for 5 years

Learning with Fmi doesn’t stop when you earn your certification. You can still access your learning portal for up to 5 years, helping you to refresh and enhance your skills as you need it.

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About MDA Training

For three decades, we have had the privilege of assisting our global clientele of the world’s biggest banks and institutions in enhancing their fiscal and operational efficacy through immersive and economically astute in-house initiatives.

Our growth and success has been based on gaining a thorough understanding of each client’s business needs, work environment, and competency framework, and then tailoring specific programmes to meet those needs and achieve immediate, sustainable and measurable outcomes.

Legacy of Excellence

MDA’s history of training top banks ensures FMI students access a curriculum refined to meet industry standards, enhancing their readiness.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

The MDA certification ensures students acquire practical and relevant skills, preparing them seamlessly for roles in investment banking and asset management.

Credibility and Recognition

FMI, being MDA’s sister firm, allows students to gain a certification that boosts their professional standing and employability in finance.

Comprehensive Skill Development

MDA’s approach ensures students develop a comprehensive skill set, becoming adept candidates ready for the dynamic finance landscape.

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Investment Banking Pathway
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Our Courses

Launch your career with Fmi’s Learning Pathway

Choose a learning pathway that’s right for you. And if you’re not sure, explore our CareerBuddy videos for help and advice.

Investment banking pathway

Monthly Subscription
  • courses-clock60+ hours
  • courses-desktop9 courses

Investment banking offers many exciting career opportunities for students. From Financial Analysts to Investment Management, and Sales & Trading to a wide range of roles in infrastructure such as IT, Risk or Compliance. This pathway is designed to help you understand the investment banking industry, the roles investment banks are recruiting for, and most importantly, help you to develop the practical skills you need to get into the industry and your preferred role whether this be as part of a school leaver, intern or graduate program.

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All our courses are accredited by

MDA Training
FMI Online Student join-student-img2 FMI Online Student
55,000+ students currently enrolled

Global markets pathway

Monthly Subscription
  • courses-clock70+ hours
  • courses-desktop10 courses

Global markets provide a range of important products and services to corporates, institutions and governments worldwide from executing trades and managing risk to providing quality research content. A key business area in all investment banks, global markets offers a wide range of career paths for students to consider across all functions and at all levels from school leavers to internships through to graduate programs.

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All our courses are accredited by

MDA Training
FMI Online Student join-student-img2 FMI Online Student
85,000+ students currently enrolled

Asset management pathway

Monthly Subscription
  • courses-clock50+ hours
  • courses-desktop8 courses

The asset management industry is a global industry worth over 100 trillion US dollars. It plays a crucial role in managing the assets of retail and institutional investors, offering a wide range of exciting careers in doing so. If you’re looking to forge a career in asset management, our Asset management pathway is perfect for you. We help you build the skills all asset managers are looking for and explore everything you need to know about the industry and the wide range of roles available in the sector

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All our courses are accredited by

MDA Training
FMI Online Student join-student-img2 FMI Online Student
100,000+ students currently enrolled
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Take a look at what our students have to say about us

We think you’ll love our courses. Check out what some of our students had to say from top universities across the globe…

“For those working in the investment banking industry, FMI offers a fantastic platform and a clear explanation of all the finance jargons.”

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Chinmayi Devisetty

Student at IIM Raipur

“The course provides a deep dive into the industry including the kind of roles different desks offer. One can choose between Asset Management, Global Markets and Investment Banking as their pathway. If you are someone who is curious to know more about the business and wants to make a career choice, head to Fmi.”

student-detail img1

Adit Daftary

Quantitative Trader at iRageCapital Advisory Private Limited

“FMI Provide great platform for people working in investment Banking sector and prefect introduction to all fiance jargon.”

student-detail img1

Aniket Belekar

MBA at Datamatics Business Solution

“I would surely recommend short courses and equity overview to Freshers and even early stage professionals understand Equity overview is better manner. – Equity overview”

student-detail img1

Azhar Shaikh

Student at Sinhgad institute of business management

“I did the investment banking course with Fmi. It helped me to gain a foundation in finance before joining Khazanah as public market investment intern. Thank you Fmi.”

student-detail img1

Brian Ng

Business Consultant at TYC

“FMI provides great platform for people working in investment banking sector it will help attaining optimum skills to enhance the learning and growth”

student-detail img1

Deepak Taneja

Senior analyst at Eclerx Services ltd.

“Gratitude! I am in fact a lifelong learner and I had the opportunity to participated in many top notch development experiences. But none like this. I am amazed! Too bad I didn´t have an opportunity like this before. But never is too late. I wish that many fellows come by and learn how to improved their skills. Thank you FMI”

student-detail img1

Duttaluru Sasikumar

Student at Emerald’s Degree & Pg College

“FMI provides excellent courses and other valuable resources for students and professionals looking to explore the world of finance. I learned about currencies, equity markets, and Microsoft Excel through FMI. I strongly recommend FMI for anyone looking to kickstart their career in finance.”

student-detail img1

Jasper Mathias

Associate – US Tax at KPMG Global Services (KGS)

“I would like to thank you FMI for detailed explanation about the FX currencies. It would help for a beginner to understand in a detailed manner from basic to clarify all about fx currencies, how it works in market and i believe it also helps the professional to refrain their basics.”

student-detail img1

Thanati Pavan Kumar

Senior Associate at State Street Designation

“I would surely recommend short courses and global market overview to fresher’s and even early stage professionals to understand global market in better manner. Content is rich and it’s upto recent market trend with live examples”

student-detail img1

Syed Jafri

Senior Associate at State Street

“Beginner-friendly content, as well as professionals, can revisit important concepts in the global market pathways. Course contents are easy and engaging also we can take it up at our pace to finish the certifications. Suggested to all the professionals who want to brush their concepts as well as freshers who are keen to enter into the corporates.”

student-detail img1

Suravi Pradhan

Assistant Manager at HSBC

“A perfect introduction to all finance jargon! These courses are amazing for anyone looking to develop a thorough understanding of banking in an efficient and engaging way. Not only do they cover the range of roles and the structure of each division, but they also explain how the technical concepts work and relate it to historical events and current news. Each video is bite-sized and concise yet packs in so much information! The diagrams simplify complex topics and make the content much more memorable too. To solidify my knowledge even further, there are extra pdf resources provided as well as fun quizzes. Would highly recommend – most comprehensive online resource I’ve found!”

student-detail img1

Joely To

Founder of Pioneer

“The course content was insightful and contained many important real-life takeaways. Overall it was a great experience and I would recommend Fmi’s learning pathway to anyone who is looking to build a career in Finance.”

student-detail img1

Meet Chetan Shah

Student at K.J.Somaiya College of Arts & Commerce

“FMI courses provided various self explanatory modules that are best for starters.”

student-detail img1

Sreyash Layek

Student at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

“The video lectures given were extraordinary wonderful. Easy to understand about the topic. Knowledge gaining courses with certification are provided. It gives deep understanding about the industry and it’s functions.”

student-detail img1


Student at Madras University

“It was great experience with FMI platform, content was very insightful, you will learn and enjoy the video sessions; I highly recommend this platform to fresher’s and even for professionals to excel their skills and knowledge on financial market topics and products”

student-detail img1

Mohammad Azar

Senior Analyst at Standard Chartered Bank

“FMI has numerous courses and pathways dedicated to finance. They provide thorough knowledge of the topic. The most intriguing is the quizzes and topic summary and the end of each module. Each module is short and concise, but packs a lot of information. It caters to the needs of a fresher as well as a professional. Would encourage others also to enroll in these courses and leverage the knowledge to excel in the field of finance.”

student-detail img1

Shweta Shakya

Management Trainee at Tata Consultancy Services

“it was an amazing experience the derivatives module was very much helpful. Terminologies were easy to understand made concepts clear”

student-detail img1

Nitesh Singh

Student at Chetanas Institiute Of Management & Reserach

“I started my Learning Journey with FMI suggested by my friends. I wanted to refresh my knowledge as I am working on IB domain . This was a great treasure helped me sharpen my knowledge and i didn’t have to prepare separate on my Domain during interviews. I have suggested this to more freshers who wanted to change their domain to investment Banking or world of finance. Even helps experienced person to refresh their knowledge on what ever process they are . There are multiple modules start your learning journey now.”

student-detail img1

Prasanna Kumar

Associate Program Manager at JP Morgan And Chase

“FMI courses are all you will do to get better insights into the field of finance. These courses are very well structured. You will learn all the necessary things you need to know.”

student-detail img1

Prathamesh Bhoi

Student at Sardar Patel Institute Of Technology Mumbai

“If you wish to gain knowledge and insights on Financial institutions, then FMI Online’s pathways is without a doubt the right choice to boost your skillset.”

student-detail img1

Rahul Jaiswal

MD at Avon fintech

“I loved Fmi courses , very exciting lessons and tasks”

student-detail img1


Student at VIT

“I enjoyed learning with FMI. The course contents are crisp and imparts great knowledge. The interactive courses makes learning interesting. Very useful for the professionals to enhance and refresh knowledge.”

student-detail img1

Shweta Gaonkar

Consultant at Capco Technologies

“I pursued the ‘Equities’ and ‘Currencies’ courses. It was beginner friendly, intriguing and insightful. Really loved the use of Bloomberg Terminal snaps for assessments. 10/10 would recommend!”

student-detail img1

Sachin S

Student at Jain University

“My experience of fmi was really great I also checked out the free course which was provided to me it was very educative and i have learned a lot from it.”

student-detail img1

Sai Raj

Student at Vellore Institute of Technology

“FMI gives immense pathway for beginners and professional to grow in the fields of Finance. It provides great platform for people working on Investment banking and who wants to join IB. I would highly recommend Fmi courses to excel in knowledge and grow in professional career”

student-detail img1

Sandhya Singh

Team Lead at JP Morgan & Chase

“Structured design of FMI courses have really helped me alot to gain hands on practical knowledge through simulations. The video lectures are interesting and the concepts are explained very well. Grateful to FMI for providing us ,such platform to enhance our skillset.”

student-detail img1

Shreeya Sarkar

Student at KIIT School of Management,Bhubaneswar

Join the growing number of students from top universities who’ve benefited from learning with Fmi

Indian Institute of Technology – Roorkee

Indian Institute of Information Technology – Vadodara

Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay

Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi

Vellore Institute of Technology

Indian Institute of Management – Indore

Harvard University

Oxford University

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Elevate your skills and understanding even further with our fantastic simulations

Our simulations are used by the top financial institutions all over the world. Take your learning to the next level and gain practical skills with our simulations today

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M&A simulation

In this virtual simulation, your job is to advise your clients on their mergers and acquisitions strategy. In order to do that, you need to understand the value of bringing two different companies together in a merger or an acquisition.

1 simulation 1 hours
noun-investment-1168346 1

Investment management simulation

There are about ten stocks you need to invest in, you need to think about your asset selection process and your portfolio construction process.

1 simulation 1 hours
noun-investment-4427121 1

Market making simulation

Practice your market making skills in the options market.  You will be competing for client orders, managing your risk and setting your own bid / ask spread.

1 simulation 1 hours

Three reasons to do our simulations

Develop real-world skills | Fmi Online

Develop real-world skills

Our simulations will help you gain practical, real-world skills and insights that you can use in your job applications, interviews, and early career. With Fmi, you can experience the same quality simulations used by some of the world’s most prestigious financial institutions.

Gain the practical edge | Fmi Online

Gain the practical edge

Want to gain a better understanding of what a particular role involves? Our simulations will enable you to step into a functional role, for instance in M&A or fund management, and in doing so, experience first-hand what’s involved. And from this practical experience, you’ll be able to write more compelling job applications.

Stand out in your job interview | Fmi Online

Stand out in your job interview

Demonstrate your practical skills and insights learnt from our simulations in your job interview and stand out in the recruitment process. Our simulations could be the difference between you and another candidate.

Debbie Hearman | Fmi Online

What experts have to say

Applying for roles in finance can be daunting. There are so many things to learn and it can be tough to know where to start. However, with FMI’s simulations, you will gain practical, real-world skills that will give you the edge in your job applications and interviews. The simulations will help you to understand what exactly makes someone successful in finance, and you will learn things that you didn’t even know you needed to know. This insider knowledge will help you to stand out from the crowd and make a great impression in your interviews. So if you’re looking to get ahead in finance, make sure to check out FMI’s simulations.

Debbie Hearman

Principal Consultant at MDA Training
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FMI’s students have landed jobs in top firms

Our students have gone on to work in leading banks, consulting firms, and technology companies. We’re delighted to have supported them in their career journeys.



Accredited Courses


Years of Training Experience


Learners Trained

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Still not sure which career path is right for you?

Working with some of the world’s most prestigious financial institutions, at Fmi, we know what it takes to build a career in the financial services industry. And drawing on this experience, we’ve created a really useful resource for you called ‘CareerBuddy’. CareerBuddy will provide you with practical insights into the key roles in banking and asset management, and more importantly, the skills financial institutions are looking for. Our videos will show you how to get ahead of the competition and land your dream role.

Watch the video

Asset management CareerBuddy

Asset management CareerBuddy video provides an overview of the three main functions in asset management: investment teams, distribution teams, and business operations teams. Each team has different responsibilities, and the skills required to be successful in each role varies. However, all asset management roles require strong analytical and communication skills. If you have these skills and are interested in a career in asset management, our Asset management CareerBuddy video is a great place to start your research.

Watch the video

Global markets CareerBuddy

Our Global markets CareerBuddy video provides an inside look at the different roles that make up a global markets division. From traders and salespeople to researchers and analysts, the video covers the various skills and abilities that are needed to be successful in this fast-paced industry. In addition, the video highlights the importance of teamwork and how different departments must work together to provide the best possible service to clients. Whether you’re interested in a career in trading or want to learn more about the inner workings of global markets, our Global markets CareerBuddy video is a must-watch.

Watch the video

Investment banking CareerBuddy

Our Investment banking CareerBuddy video explores what it means to be an investment banker, focusing on the roles and the hierarchy of an investment banking division. This CareerBuddy video also examines the importance of investment bankers and how they help companies raise capital. This CareerBuddy video is a valuable resource for anyone interested in pursuing a career in investment banking.

Watch the video

Start learning for free…

We appreciate you may want to see and experience our world-class learning before maybe buying one of our learning pathways. Start your learning journey today with our free courses. No catch, no upfront credit card details, no commitment. Simply start learning for free right away!

  • courses-clock1+ hours
  • courses-desktop4 modules

When students and professionals think of financial markets, the equity markets is the market that often comes to mind. Issuing stocks (also called shares) is a vital source of funding for companies while stocks trade on some of the most famous exchanges in the world. Anyone working in the financial markets will benefit from understanding the key concepts and terminology introduced in the course.

Start learning for free
FMI Online Student join-student-img2 FMI Online Student
80,000+students currently enrolled
  • courses-clock1+ hours
  • courses-desktop4 modules

For people new to the finance industry, the currency (or FX) markets can be confusing at first. Identifying base and pricing currencies, and understanding the bid and offer from dealers, forms the base skills you will need to demystify this market. The course then moves on to explain the drivers of FX rates before introducing FX forwards.

Start learning for free
FMI Online Student join-student-img2 FMI Online Student
80,000+students currently enrolled

Take advantage of our free resources too

Explore our library of free, high-quality articles, tips & tricks, guides, templates, and tutorials. Start your learning today.

  • 20+ researched guides

Browse our library of free, high-quality articles, templates, and tutorials, and you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Read our guides
  • 100+ informative blogs

Stay up to date with the latest industry news and trends.

Read our blogs
  • 100+ industry podcasts

The future of finance starts here. Listen to our global industry podcast

Listen to our podcasts

Frequently asked questions

Our Learning Pathways offer best value compared to individual courses, so do check these out. On occassion we also run promotions that offer discounts on our Learning Pathways and Courses – so do sign up to our Fmi Learners Community to stay up-to-date on our latest offers.

Absolutely not. The fees for our Learning Pathways and courses are clearly displayed and there are no hidden fees. There are also no contract obligations or auto-renew agreements with Fmi.

We accept all major debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc) and Paypal. Please get in touch should you need to organize payment via an alternative platform – we’d be happy to help.

Yes. Please get in touch and we will tailor a package that meets your needs. Fmi is part of the MDA Training Group. MDA Training specialize in corporate training solutions and so we’d be delighted to explore your needs and put together a solution.

Fmi’s courses and learning pathways have been recognised and curated by MDA Training. Our Learning Pathways have been created by industry experts and designed to boost your career opportunities with practical skills, tools and insights. So far, we have successfully trained over 200k learners in prestigious financial institutions for over 35 years.

Our Learning Pathways are designed to boost your career opportunities by helping you gain up-to-date skills and knowledge all financial institutions are looking for right now. Fmi online is a recognised name in financial services training across the globe. Upon completion you will be eligible for a Fmi certificate which is recognised and curated by MDA Training.

Absolutely, our pathways are structured to bridge the gap between academic study/theory and real-world practical skills needed to start your career in finance. Our Learning Pathways have been carefully designed to provide a cost-effective way to learn key skills aligned to specific roles and careers. Our simulations which are often used by prestigious financial institutions all over the world as part of their intern and graduate development programs, will enable you to gain practical skills and insights that you will be able to utilize in your job applications, interviews and also in your early career in financial services. With Fmi, you can also take advantage of our mentor services to support you with your application process.

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