• Converting your internship into an offer – advice from a graduate recruiter

    For a keen college student looking to break into the finance industry and gain work experience, an internship is a great choice. If you manage to get a place in such a coveted program, you will get first-hand insight into a top firm within a field that interests you. The company gets to test you […]

    12th Jul, 2021
  • What are my chances if I do not attend an ivy league school?

    It’s true – top-tier investment banks recruit heavily from ivy league schools and other target schools. Big names such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan visit campuses to drum up interest in their internship programs and full-time entry-level positions.  Networking They put on presentations at the schools and attend careers fairs that are organized […]

    29th Jun, 2021 Finance Recruitment
  • 5 Tips for a career in Investment Banking by a real-life Investment Banker

    Many students and graduates want to work in finance as it is known to be highly financially rewarding and thrilling. It is also, however, high pressured, stressful, and demanding. Investment banks often look for people who have the intellectual skills required for such a role, coupled with the psychological ability to survive in a very […]

    13th Jun, 2021 Banking
  • Top five reasons for choosing a career in fixed income trading

    Top five reasons for choosing a career in fixed income trading

    People familiar with the investment banking industry are most likely to have at the least a working knowledge of equities and equity markets. Many people entering investment banking see themselves working as a trader on an equities desk, trading a company’s shares or different types of derivatives in those shares.  Ask people about ‘Fixed income […]

    27th May, 2021 Global Markets
  • Common mistakes people make when writing a CV for a finance job

    Five common mistakes people make when writing a CV in Finance

    Your CV is often the first impression a company gets of you, and so it is crucial that what is written on it gives the reader a positive feeling. Without a positive first impression, it is unlikely that you will proceed any further in the recruitment stage for any finance role. We have compiled a […]

    21st Apr, 2021 Finance Recruitment
  • How to enter the finance industry without a finance degree

    A degree in finance, economics, or accounting is a prerequisite for certain banking, asset management, or insurance industry jobs. These degrees demonstrate technical proficiency in skills such as financial modeling or derivatives valuation.  On their own, however, these degrees are less likely to demonstrate other skills required for success in almost any professional role, such as […]

  • Brokers, Dealers and Market Makers

    Do You Know The Difference Between A Broker, Dealer, And Market Maker?

    Many people new to the financial markets come across the terms market maker, dealer, and broker. Can these terms be used interchangeably? If not, what are the differences and the attributes needed to succeed in each of the roles? The exact definition may depend on the company you work for or the region you are […]

  • Inspirational woman leaders in finance

    Progress towards gender equality in many industries remains slow. While focusing on corporate America, McKinsey’s Workplace 2020 report highlights the disparity experienced by women in workplaces globally. Additionally, the COVID pandemic in 2020 disproportionately impacted women, especially women of color, more than men. This impact was felt through disproportionately higher job losses for women and […]

    08th Mar, 2021 Leaders in finance
  • Working on the trading desk

    Often when thinking about investment banks, people will conjure up images of traders sitting behind a wall of screens, with a telephone in each ear, shouting across the dealing room to a colleague. The reality is that with the advent of technology and changes in regulations, trading jobs have changed, and trading desks are not […]

    25th Nov, 2020 Banking
  • 5 key skills you need to be hired into the finance industry

    Whatever career path you may be considering in the financial services industry, you will need to have the following skills to excel and be taken seriously. 1. Market awareness Watch the financial news, know what’s happening in the markets, who is up and down, and why. Understand how something that is happening in the financial news […]

    25th Nov, 2020 Banking
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