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  • Five most common technical investment banking interview questions

    Five most common technical investment banking interview questions

    It’s no secret that it’s critical to be fully prepared for your investment banking interview. Interviews are incredibly competitive, and the people interviewing you will be assessing you to see if you are the best fit for their organization. Before the interview, you need to understand the job role clearly. You will be asked about […]

    11th Jan, 2022
  • Breaking into Investment Banking 101

    Breaking into investment banks 101

    Investment banks are one of the most competitive places to break into in the world. Getting into Goldman Sachs is even harder than getting into an Elite University: the acceptance rate is only 4%, compared to 5.2% at Harvard University and around 20% at Cambridge.  However, with determination and the right skills you’ll be able […]

    19th Oct, 2021 Finance Recruitment
  • 5 career advice

    5 Career advice that no one tells you

    1. FINDING YOUR PURPOSE IS OVERRATED “Find your purpose” is one of the stupid pieces of advice anyone can give. Just picture this: At different points in life, you thought your purpose was to be a doctor, a pilot, a singer, a pianist, a director, an entrepreneur and so much more. But in reality, there […]

    19th Oct, 2021 Finance Recruitment
  • 10 things you should never do in an interview

    Top 10 things you should never do in an interview

    The primary goal of an interview is to show the hiring manager what sets you apart from all the other candidates.  And that you are the right person for the job who has the right skills, a great personality, and the enthusiasm to accomplish things in your new role.  So, it’s fair enough to assume […]

    10th Aug, 2021 Finance Recruitment
  • Convert your internship into an offer

    Converting your internship into an offer – advice from a graduate recruiter

    For a keen college student looking to break into the finance industry and gain work experience, an internship is a great choice. If you manage to get a place in such a coveted program, you will get first-hand insight into a top firm within a field that interests you. The company gets to test you […]

    12th Jul, 2021
  • Chances for Career in Investment Banking, By FMI

    What are my chances if I do not attend an ivy league school?

    It’s true – top-tier investment banks recruit heavily from ivy league schools and other target schools. Big names such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan visit campuses to drum up interest in their internship programs and full-time entry-level positions.  Networking They put on presentations at the schools and attend careers fairs that are organized […]

    29th Jun, 2021 Finance Recruitment
  • Tips for a career in Investment banking by a banker by FMI

    5 Tips for a career in Investment Banking by a real-life Investment Banker

    Many students and graduates want to work in finance as it is known to be highly financially rewarding and thrilling. It is also, however, high pressured, stressful, and demanding. Investment banks often look for people who have the intellectual skills required for such a role, coupled with the psychological ability to survive in a very […]

    13th Jun, 2021 Banking
  • Top five reasons for choosing a career in fixed income trading

    Top five reasons for choosing a career in fixed income trading

    People familiar with the investment banking industry are most likely to have at the least a working knowledge of equities and equity markets. Many people entering investment banking see themselves working as a trader on an equities desk, trading a company’s shares or different types of derivatives in those shares.  Ask people about ‘Fixed income […]

    27th May, 2021 Global Markets
  • Common mistakes people make when writing a CV for a finance job

    Five common mistakes people make when writing a CV in Finance

    Your CV is often the first impression a company gets of you, and so it is crucial that what is written on it gives the reader a positive feeling. Without a positive first impression, it is unlikely that you will proceed any further in the recruitment stage for any finance role. We have compiled a […]

    21st Apr, 2021 Finance Recruitment
  • Fmi Finance

    How to enter the finance industry without a finance degree

    A degree in finance, economics, or accounting is a prerequisite for certain banking, asset management, or insurance industry jobs. These degrees demonstrate technical proficiency in skills such as financial modeling or derivatives valuation.  On their own, however, these degrees are less likely to demonstrate other skills required for success in almost any professional role, such as […]

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