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  • Where Will Investment Banking Roles be 5 Years From Now

    Where Will Investment Banking Roles be 5 Years From Now?

    The field of finance and banking has been constantly evolving. However, the pandemic has whipped up many challenges for investment banks. Some banks have had to pivot their business models to stay operational.  Due to these changes, certain clear trends have emerged in the industry. These are pivotal in deciding where investment banking roles will […]

    05th Aug, 2022
  • Top 10 Things About The Equities Market That You May Not Know

    10 Things About The Equities Market That You May Not Know

    We all know that stock markets, also known as equity markets, are a hot topic especially owing to current events such as the pandemic, the predicted recession, and Russia’s war on Ukraine. But why do stock markets exist? What is a stock market The stock market is a platform where shares/equity of companies are traded. […]

    04th Aug, 2022
  • 30 days challenge Be ready for your dream role in the global markets division of an investment bank

    30 days challenge: Be ready for your dream role in the global markets division of an investment bank

    In an investment bank, Global Markets work in tandem with corporate, institutional, and government clients to execute trades and manage risk while providing quality research content. It is one of the most lucrative divisions of an investment bank. Within this division, students can tap into front office roles such as sales or trading; middle office […]

    31st Jul, 2022
  • Free simulations to understand the life cycle of a trade

    Two Free Simulations For You to Understand the Life Cycle of a Trade

    If you’re looking to work in investment banking, one of the divisions you can choose is global markets. This division enables a bank’s clients to trade financial products, raise capital, and manage risk. This can include primary and secondary markets (rates, credit, foreign exchange, fixed-income, securitisation and treasury).  Within the global markets division, you will […]

    28th Jul, 2022
  • Why You Should Learn Economics for a Role in Top Investment Banks

    Why You Should Learn Economics for a Role in Top Investment Banks

    It is common knowledge that an understanding of finance can be immensely helpful if you’re looking to work in investment banking. What’s lesser known is that learning economics is what can truly set you apart and help you excel further in IB.  What’s the difference between finance and economics Finance focuses on the tools and […]

    27th Jul, 2022
  • How to Forge a Career in ESG

    How to Forge a Career in ESG

    If you’ve kept your ears piqued to industry trends, you would know that ESG has been the talk of the town. Environment, social, and governance or ESG is a set of non-financial factors that investors are increasingly using to assess companies on their sustainability and social responsibility. Particularly, each of the three aspects address the […]

    22nd Jul, 2022
  • How to Launch a Finance Career During a Recession

    How to Launch a Finance Career During a Recession

    A recession is a macroeconomic event marked by substantial economic decline in a region. It is identified by a fall in GDP for two successive quarters, accompanied by slow trade and industrial activity, and a rise in unemployment.  One of the most noted recessions in history was the Great Recession of 2008 in the United […]

    21st Jul, 2022
  • Role of a fund manager and how you can get into it

    Role of a Fund Manager and How You Can Get Into It

    A fund manager is an investment professional responsible for investing and managing a company’s portfolio of funds. This can include mutual funds, pensions, hedge funds, equity funds and so on.  Fund managers are typically classified as active or passive managers. Active managers are involved in buying, selling, and holding investments actively in order to outperform […]

    20th Jul, 2022
  • How to become and think like a CFO

    3 Ways to Become and Think Like a CFO

    The Chief Financial Officer or CFO is a highly sought after executive role. The CFO is responsible for a company’s financial health. Their responsibilities include financial planning, tracking cash flow and profitability, and managing the organisation’s accounting and finance departments. It goes without saying that the position is a high-stake, high-rewards one and requires the […]

    14th Jul, 2022
  • How can the London Institute of Banking and Finance Certification help you excel in your finance career

    3 Ways An LIBF Certification Can Help You Excel in Your Finance Career

    If you work in or aspire to become a part of the financial services sector, you must be familiar with The London Institute of Banking and Finance or LIBF. They’re known as lifelong partners for financial education.  The LIBF “provides a balance of experience, insight and thought leadership into today’s financial world, delivered by industry […]

    12th Jul, 2022
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