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A to Z Glossary of accounting terms

Fmi.Online has curated A to Z Glossary of all the accounting terms one needs to know to forge a career in financial services

Work more efficiently in Excel with these Excel shortcuts

There are 127 Excel shortcuts on the following pages, categorized into a way that makes sense.

Ways to turn your internship into a job offer

Once you are on the internship, what can you do to give yourself the best possible chance of securing that full-time job offer ?

5 Financial Functions In Excel – Part II

Microsoft Excel is an important tool used by Investment Bankers and Financial Analysts. They spend more than 70% of their time preparing Excel models, valuations, performing calculations, building graphs, etc.

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Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeovers glossary

Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeovers glossary

Mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers have always been an important topic in the corporate finance world.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeovers glossary

Key ratios for company analysis

This useful download provides an overview of the key ratios used for company analysis by Analysts in banks.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeovers glossary

Tips for a virtual interview

It provides practical tools and tips to make a lasting impression in a job interview with the two key senses available – sight and sound.

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Asset management glossary

Many of the definitions listed in the Asset management glossary are covered in greater depth in the Fmi Asset Management Pathway.


Fixed income glossary

If you are considering a career as a Financial Analyst, then our Fixed income glossary is for you! Great for interview preparation

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5 key skills you need to be hired

Regardless of the role you are considering in the financial services industry, we’ve provided five key skills that are essential.

Our courses are designed to boost your career

Launch your career with one of Fmi’s Learning Pathways

Choose a learning pathway that best meets your needs and ambitions. Not sure which Fmi learning pathway is right for you? Explore our CareerBuddy videos for help and advice.

Investment banking pathway
  • courses-clock60+ hours
  • courses-desktop9 courses

Investment banking offers many exciting career opportunities for students. From Financial Analysts to Investment Management, and Sales & Trading to a wide range of roles in infrastructure such as IT, Risk or Compliance. This pathway is designed to help you understand the investment banking industry, the roles investment banks are recruiting for, and most importantly, help you to develop the practical skills you need to get into the industry and your preferred role whether this be as part of a school leaver, intern or graduate program.

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55,000+ students currently enrolled
Asset management pathway
  • courses-clock50+ hours
  • courses-desktop8 courses

The asset management industry is a global industry worth over 100 trillion US dollars. It plays a crucial role in managing the assets of retail and institutional investors, offering a wide range of exciting careers in doing so. If you’re looking to forge a career in asset management, our Asset management pathway is perfect for you. We help you build the skills all asset managers are looking for and explore everything you need to know about the industry and the wide range of roles available in the sector

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100,000+ students currently enrolled
Global markets pathway
  • courses-clock70+ hours
  • courses-desktop10 courses

Global markets provide a range of important products and services to corporates, institutions and governments worldwide from executing trades and managing risk to providing quality research content. A key business area in all investment banks, global markets offers a wide range of career paths for students to consider across all functions and at all levels from school leavers to internships through to graduate programs.

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85,000+ students currently enrolled