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Due Diligence

Due diligence is a term mostly associated with law & finance. Due diligence literally meansinvestigation. This could be in terms of a product or a service. While the majority of the time,it is used in case of investments. Let’s assume, a consumer walks into a shop, they check the expiry date of the product. If […]

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What Investment Bankers Do on a Day-to-Day Basis

Investment banking is one of the most coveted jobs in the financial industry. It is no surprise that an average day in an investment banker’s life can be long and bustling. The ones who are persistent and continue to stay in the industry often go on to have long-lasting and financially rewarding careers. An entry-level […]

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Working at JP Morgan Chase & Co as an Investment Banker

In 2015 I got the opportunity for an interview in JP Morgan Chase & Co. for the Senior Team Member – Reconciliations Specialist in Cash Equities Role. I was excited that I reviewed Financial Markets products like I always do even on my free time. My final interview was with the Vice President of the […]

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