Preparing For  Case Studies  And Other Interview Assessments in 2023 | Fmi Online
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Preparing For Case Studies And Other Interview Assessments in 2023

At FMI, we understand the importance of interview preparation, including case studies and other assessments. That's why we offer an Interview Preparation Bundle course to help you prepare for your next interview

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How can you earn a six-figure salary at top investment banking firms without any experience | Fmi Online
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How can you earn a six-figure salary at top investment banking firms without any experience in 2023

To earn a six-figure salary as a fresh investment banker, you need to work hard to get a full-time job at a top investment bank and maximize your bonuses. A strong educational background, relevant skill set, and investment banking internships can help you secure a job.

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How you can get a front-facing role in a top investment bank without any experience in 2023 | Fmi Online
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How you can get a front-facing role in a top investment bank without any experience in 2023

Learn how to get a front-facing role in a top investment bank without any prior experience. Understand what front desk jobs in finance are and the skills required, get the right qualifications, internships, network, and build the right skill set. Show your willingness and dedication to the role through internships, and make a good impression through networking.

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How to Make a Successful Career in the Derivatives Market | Fmi Online
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How to make a successful career in the derivatives market in 2023

A career in the derivatives market offers job paths of derivatives trader, derivative operations analyst and derivatives risk analyst. Traders need finance/economics degree, financial market knowledge and technical skills. Operations analysts need business administration/accounting degree and derivative knowledge. Risk analysts need risk management experience and education. The career is demanding but offers high compensation and growth opportunities.

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What does an investment banking intern at top banks do on a daily basis | Fmi Online
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Here are the top investment banking internships you should be aiming for in 2023!

Explore the top investment banking internships for 2023, including JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Bank of America. Learn about the duration, requirements, and responsibilities of these highly competitive internships, as well as the benefits of gaining experience with one of the top investment banks in the world. Discover how an internship with a top investment bank can boost your resume and improve your odds of landing a full-time job in the industry.

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How can investment banking simulation can help you crack your dream interview | Fmi Online
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How an investment banking simulation can train you for your dream career in IB

Simulation replicates the real world to deliver a specific experience in a controlled environment. It prepares candidates to answer case study questions asked during the investment banking interview.

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Here’s what your resume should look like as an investment banking aspirant | Fmi Online
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Here’s what your resume should look like as an investment banking aspirant in 2023

Here's what your resume should look like as an investment banking aspirant | Fmi Online

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​Here are the top 3 investment banking interview questions | Fmi Online
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Here are the top 3 investment banking interview questions in 2023

Here are the top 3 investment banking interview questions Investment banking interviews are designed to evaluate how fit a candidate is for the leading job role in the field of finance, and therefore should be attended with a decent level of preparation.  Candidates must have a solid understanding of corporate finance fundamentals, and company valuation, […]

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What you might be lacking in your Investment Banking interview prep
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What you might be lacking in your IB interview prep

Going through the fundamentals of finance, working on DCF calculations, and preparing financial models are some of the more obvious things that an aspiring investment banker prepares for before interviewing for a job at a top investment bank. But what about the subtle nuances that could determine whether you will land a job or not? […]

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You should be aiming for these 5 investment banks this year
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You should be aiming for these 5 investment banks this year?

It is vital to start your career in investment banking with the right organisation, one that not only offers a healthy corporate culture but also supports your personal goals. Some of the critical aspects which you must consider while selecting an investment bank are corporate culture, compensation, core areas of focus, size of operation, history […]

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How can an investment banking course help you land a job in 2023
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How can an investment banking course help you land a job in 2023? 

With consolidation in global markets and alterations in the supply chain, businesses are exploring the path of M&A to exploit synergies with their global counterparts and achieve efficiency. This has led to an increase in corporate transactions, fuelling the demand for investment bankers. The size of the global investment banking industry is estimated to be […]

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4 Ways to Analyse How Your IB Interview Went
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4 Ways to Analyse How Your IB Interview Went

After a job interview is over, you will have some time to reflect how your interview went. You might feel confident about certain parts and nervous about others. You desperately want to understand if the interview went well or not. Are there cues that can help you analyse how you performed? To some extent, yes. […]

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The Art of Cracking Technical Interviews for an Asset Management Role at Top Banks
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The Art of Cracking Technical Interviews for an Asset Management Role at Top Banks

Asset management is the practice of studying, acquiring, and trading investments with an aim of increasing total wealth over time. The sector offers lucrative opportunities with sizable salaries for you to pursue. Asset managers are often referred as portfolio managers or financial advisors as they perform this service for their clients. Asset management companies are […]

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If You Have Only One Day for Your IB Interview, Here’s What You Should Do
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If You Have Only One Day for Your IB Interview, Here’s What You Should Do

Before you land your dream job in investment banking, you’ll have to get through the final round of interviews. These interviews consist of multiple rounds of behavioural, technical and company-specific questions. At times, you may not have the required bandwidth to prepare for a long time. Here is a quick guide for IB interview prep […]

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You are about to enter an IB interview. What should you know in the last 5 minutes
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You are about to enter an IB interview. What should you know in the last 5 minutes?

Interviewing for an investment banking job is a unique and nerve-wracking experience, especially if it is your first interview. In addition to the general advice, such as being on time and dressing right for the part, the investment banking job interview is often more about being prepared, presenting yourself, and being resilient. If you’re about […]

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Top five Asset Management Career Paths and How to Get Into Them
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Top 5 Asset Management Career Paths and How to Get Into Them

In an era of wealth preservation, product innovation, and creation of alternative asset classes, asset management (AMC) is emerging as a promising career path. The global asset management industry is estimated to grow and reach a value of over a trillion dollars, $1,113 billion, by 2028, growing at a CAGR of over 23% for 6 […]

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​​How to Write Cover Letters for Investment Banking Roles
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​​How to Write Cover Letters for Investment Banking Roles

In most investment banking applications, cover letters accompany the resume. Applicants are typically screened on the basis of their resume, school, GPA and relevant keywords as the first stage of filtering. If you went to a tier 1 university and have a strong GPA, then your cover letter may be given precedence and read in […]

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The Ultimate Guide for Freshers to Build a Powerful IB Resume

Investment banking is a dynamic and competitive industry that requires specialised knowledge and experience. Career opportunities in investment banking are always available although they’re cyclical in nature, i.e, abundant in boom years and scarce in economic downturns.  When it comes to working toward your dream career, your resume is the first stage of job application. […]

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4 challenges to prepare for prior to joining the IB industry

Investment banking is typically seen as a prestigious career with a variety of perks and learning opportunities. Yet, the challenges it comes with are not a secret either. Here are some of those majorly known challenges: 1. Having the right background Although investment banks deploy a range of resources every year to train and upskill […]

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How to Become an Investment banker at Barclays

Barclays is a British bank that engages in retail banking, credit card provision, investment banking, corporate banking, and wealth management. It has two divisions: Barclays UK: As the name suggests, this division operates in the UK and provides financial services in the country. Barclays International: This division works across the world to provide corporate and […]

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How You Can Get a Job at Investment Banks Like Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is a German multinational investment bank. It provides a host of financial services to various companies. The bank’s headquarters are in Frankfurt, Germany. Deutsche Bank has operations spread across 58 countries and was ranked the 21st largest bank in 2021. It has four major branches: corporate banking, investment banking, asset management, and private […]

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How to Forge a Career in ESG

If you’ve kept your ears piqued to industry trends, you would know that ESG has been the talk of the town. Environment, social, and governance or ESG is a set of non-financial factors that investors are increasingly using to assess companies on their sustainability and social responsibility. Particularly, each of the three aspects address the […]

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Role of a Fund Manager and How You Can Get Into It

A fund manager is an investment professional responsible for investing and managing a company’s portfolio of funds. This can include mutual funds, pensions, hedge funds, equity funds and so on.  Fund managers are typically classified as active or passive managers. Active managers are involved in buying, selling, and holding investments actively in order to outperform […]

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Investment Banking Divisions and Roles. And How to Bag Them

Many look at investment banking as a cushy career option but not everyone fully understands what investment bankers do. Within investment banking, there exist multiple divisions called IBDs (Investment Banking Divisions). These are various departments within the profession for different tasks such as capital raising (underwriting in equity, debt, and hybrid markets), executing mergers and […]

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How to Answer the Career Goals Question During an IB Interview

Investment banking interviews are a golden chance to land that highly coveted job. If you prepare well for the interview, not only are you able to create a long-lasting impression but can also demonstrate why you are the most suited candidate for the job. One of the most commonly asked questions during the interview is […]

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5 Shocking Questions Asked During an Investment Banking Interview

Investment banking interviews are highly craved by aspirants. However, once you do get the interview call, you must begin the preparation process. IB interviews can be intense and without practice, you may find yourself scrambling for answers. To help you prepare better, here are 5 shocking investment banking interview questions you may not have necessarily […]

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How to Respond to – “How Do You Value a Company?”

One of the most common questions you will be asked during an investment banking or finance interview is “How do you value a company?” The question can seem broad and vague, however, it is useful for various purposes such as tax reporting, raising capital, or selling and acquiring a company.  Hence, it is essential to […]

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Ace These 3 Interview Questions for a Job in IB

Investment banking is a much sought after career choice. While it comes with a sparkling set of rewards, it’s no secret that the job is demanding and high-stakes. Hence, to grab such an opportunity, one has to excel at the interview and stand out. Your resume, technical skills, and knowledge of finance are vital to […]

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3 Effective Ways to Get An Interview Call from Morgan Stanley

Every year, Morgan Stanley – one of the world’s leading financial services companies – recruits over 1,500 interns from nearly 40 countries and a pool of tens of thousands of candidates. But, according to one of their former recruiters, “The students who go the extra mile always attract more attention.” The financial services giant, which […]

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Launching a Career at Goldman Sachs

True to its name, Goldman Sachs is the gold of the investment banking industry. It is one of the world’s largest financial institutions with specialisations in: investment banking, global markets, asset management, and consumer and wealth management. Next only to JPMorgan, it commands 9% of the world’s investment banking revenue. So it’s no wonder that […]

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3 Tried-and-Tested Ways to Launch a Career in Mergers and Acquisitions

If you are keen to land a job in investment banking, you are most likely aware of one of its major divisions — mergers & acquisitions. This is such a common subset that a majority of the 3,000 investment banks specialise in M&As and capital raising. While it sure does sound like a dazzling career […]

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3 Tips to Crack a Guesstimate Question During an Interview

What is the average number of Nike shoes sold in Delhi? A seemingly impossible-to-answer question like this has lately become an important part of interviews for a certain set of roles. Known as guesstimate (guess + estimate) questions, these are asked in consultant and analyst interviews as well as for most interviews during MBA placements. […]

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How to Get Hired in Financial Analysis Jobs

A typical financial analyst job description will require you to have a bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Math or Economics with a preferred MBA, an in-depth knowledge of financial modelling, stellar communication skills, proficiency in using Excel and so on. You won’t be surprised to know that most people applying for the role of a […]

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13 Things About Balance Sheet You May Not Have Known

A balance sheet is one of the three key financial statements, the other two being income statement and cash flow statement. It is a representation of the company’s assets (what it owns), liabilities, (what it owes) and shareholders’ equity (what is owned by shareholders). A balance sheet can be instrumental to you if you run […]

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Five most common technical investment banking interview questions

It’s no secret that it’s critical to be fully prepared for your investment banking interview. Interviews are incredibly competitive, and the people interviewing you will be assessing you to see if you are the best fit for their organization. Before the interview, you need to understand the job role clearly. You will be asked about […]

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Top 10 things you should never do in an interview

The primary goal of an interview is to show the hiring manager what sets you apart from all the other candidates.  And that you are the right person for the job who has the right skills, a great personality, and the enthusiasm to accomplish things in your new role.  So, it’s fair enough to assume […]

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5 key skills you need to be hired into the finance industry

Whatever career path you may be considering in the financial services industry, you will need to have the following skills to excel and be taken seriously. 1. Market awareness Watch the financial news, know what’s happening in the markets, who is up and down, and why. Understand how something that is happening in the financial news […]

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