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Top 3 reasons why even strong candidates should prepare for an interview

In today's episode of "3 for Thursday" with Niti Jain, Director at Fmi Online, we welcome Neha Parashar, a seasoned professional coach with over 20 years of experience in HR roles and coaching in top companies like GE Capital, DuPont, Cisco, and Axiom. Neha, now an independent executive and career coach, shares with us the importance of preparing for an interview, even for strong candidates. According to Neha, preparation is key in delivering a stellar performance, not just to do a better job but also to secure a better deal. Strong candidates who invest time in preparing for an interview are memorable, and organizations will remember them, potentially calling them back in the future for other opportunities. Furthermore, preparing for an interview can significantly improve the chances of getting referred within the interview network, which expands one's reach and opportunities. In conclusion, Neha emphasizes that preparing for an interview is not just for those who are struggling to find a job, but for all candidates, including those who are already established in their careers. Investing time in preparation will not only increase the chances of landing a job but also lead to a more memorable and impactful interview experience. Don't miss out on this valuable insight and tune in every Thursday to Fmi's Global Podcast, "3 for Thursday."

3 for Thursday Host | Fmi Online Neha Parashar | Fmi Online

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Launch your career with one of Fmi’s Learning Pathways

Choose a learning pathway that best meets your needs and ambitions. Not sure which Fmi learning pathway is right for you? Explore our CareerBuddy videos for help and advice.

Investment banking pathway

Monthly Subscription
  • courses-clock60+ hours
  • courses-desktop9 courses

Investment banking offers many exciting career opportunities for students. From Financial Analysts to Investment Management, and Sales & Trading to a wide range of roles in infrastructure such as IT, Risk or Compliance. This pathway is designed to help you understand the investment banking industry, the roles investment banks are recruiting for, and most importantly, help you to develop the practical skills you need to get into the industry and your preferred role whether this be as part of a school leaver, intern or graduate program.

FMI Online Student join-student-img2 FMI Online Student
students currently enrolled

Global markets pathway

Monthly Subscription
  • courses-clock70+ hours
  • courses-desktop10 courses

Global markets provide a range of important products and services to corporates, institutions and governments worldwide from executing trades and managing risk to providing quality research content. A key business area in all investment banks, global markets offers a wide range of career paths for students to consider across all functions and at all levels from school leavers to internships through to graduate programs.

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Asset management pathway

Monthly Subscription
  • courses-clock50+ hours
  • courses-desktop8 courses

The asset management industry is a global industry worth over 100 trillion US dollars. It plays a crucial role in managing the assets of retail and institutional investors, offering a wide range of exciting careers in doing so. If you’re looking to forge a career in asset management, our Asset management pathway is perfect for you. We help you build the skills all asset managers are looking for and explore everything you need to know about the industry and the wide range of roles available in the sector

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students currently enrolled