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In today’s 103rd episode, we have a special guest – Subhanu Chakrabarti, a Senior with the Transaction Strategy & Execution team at the big 4 consultancy firm. With a background in investment banking, equity research, and valuation services, Subhanu shares his expertise on the top 3 ways for a finance student to land a role in big 4 consultancy firms. Don’t miss out on this insightful episode!

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Welcome to Three for Thursday, FMI Online’s global podcast, where we decode the top 3 ‘x’-factors in the finance industry. In this episode, Niti Jain and Rajul Raman discuss how FMI is helping students build their careers in finance.

Practical learning is the key to success, and FMI offers students hands-on experiences that help them develop real-world skills. Simulation-based learning is another great tool that enables students to experience real-life scenarios and prepare for challenges ahead.

The icing on the cake is the certification from the London Institute of Banking and Finance that FMI students receive. These certifications are recognised worldwide, and it demonstrates that students have the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their careers. With courses developed by MDA Training experts, FMI is the best place to learn from the best in the industry.

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In today’s episode of “3 for Thursday” with Niti Jain, Director at Fmi Online, we welcome Neha Parashar, a seasoned professional coach with over 20 years of experience in HR roles and coaching in top companies like GE Capital, DuPont, Cisco, and Axiom. Neha, now an independent executive and career coach, shares with us the importance of preparing for an interview, even for strong candidates.

According to Neha, preparation is key in delivering a stellar performance, not just to do a better job but also to secure a better deal. Strong candidates who invest time in preparing for an interview are memorable, and organizations will remember them, potentially calling them back in the future for other opportunities. Furthermore, preparing for an interview can significantly improve the chances of getting referred within the interview network, which expands one’s reach and opportunities.

In conclusion, Neha emphasizes that preparing for an interview is not just for those who are struggling to find a job, but for all candidates, including those who are already established in their careers. Investing time in preparation will not only increase the chances of landing a job but also lead to a more memorable and impactful interview experience. Don’t miss out on this valuable insight and tune in every Thursday to Fmi’s Global Podcast, “3 for Thursday.”

Private equity has long been a popular career choice for finance professionals, offering the potential for high salaries and significant career advancement opportunities. This industry involves the acquisition and management of companies that are not publicly traded, with the goal of improving their operations and financial performance before ultimately selling them for a profit.

In this episode of “3 for Thursday,” Suyash Poddar, Investment Associate Private Equity at Kotak Investment Advisors Ltd and an ISB Alumnus provides a unique perspective on the industry and shares his expertise on the best ways for students and young professionals to get their foot in the door. In this global podcast hosted by Niti Jain, Director at Fmi Online, students can learn about the industry, and understand the challenges and opportunities within it.

By listening to this episode, students and young professionals can gain a deeper understanding of the private equity industry and learn what it takes to succeed. Whether you’re just starting your career or looking to make a change, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

Don’t miss this chance to gain valuable insights and advice from one of the leading professionals in private equity. Tune in to “3 for Thursday” Season 2, Episode 40 and take the first step towards launching your career in private equity in 2023!

Investment banking has a surprising range. However, the investment banking sector has seen major difficulties as a result of recent economic changes. Banking laws and customer expectations underwent significant adjustments as a result of the Covid 19 catastrophe. They have also seen how working methods have changed, as well as how technology has advanced and the market become more democratic.Now, finding a job in an investment bank is difficult. For just a few hundred opportunities, graduate recruiters receive thousands of applications. Your resume must be really unique if you want to be accepted. Let us wait no more to introduce the guest speaker of our 28th episode of “3 For Thursday”, Joely To, the founder of Pioneer, a non-profit organisation aiming to nurture girls’ passion for Maths beyond the school curriculum, in order to build their confidence in pursuing the subject at university. Not just this, Joely is also the founder of Blaze Careers Tutoring, the world’s first 1:1 careers tutoring site for Gen Z. 🚀In her interview with Rajul Raman, Consultant at Fmi, she discusses what students should focus on while writing a CV. She emphasizes how it is not as important to follow the standard format of creating a CV as it is to boast of the skills that one possesses. She mentions how it is all about mindset, the innovative strategies to bring the skills on the piece of that paper Here is our special, “Top 3 Ways To Impress Recruiters on Your CV and Cover Letter” 🎙️You can listen to our podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and on our official website. Head to our comment section for quick links. And, do not forget to like, subscribe, and share our “3 for Thursday” global podcast.

“..JOB SEARCH IS HARD, and one should be prepared to face the ups and downs it brings…”, says Suravi Pradhan, Assistant Manager – Regulatory Compliance at HSBC, in a conversation with Niti Jain, Director at Fmi, about how job seekers may truly make their way into securing the job they want. Listen to her discuss the top three things students and job seekers should do while looking for jobs.

LinkedIn Hack? So, here’s what you need to know.

Writing a proper connection request, coffee chats, and staying in touch – are a few simple words, but is it as simple to network your way into an internship on LinkedIn?

Listen to Cameron Caldwell, an Economics graduate from the University of Glasgow, discuss how he got his internship at Morgan Stanley through LinkedIn with Niti, Director Fmi.

In every consulting or analytics interview, guesstimates play a significant role. It allows the interviewers to get an insight into your problem-solving and critical-thinking ability. The approach is more important than the correct solution. So, what exactly is Guesstimate? It is, as the name implies, an estimate based on a combination of guessing and computation.

Today, in the third episode of “3 for Thursday, Season 2,” Aashutosh Singal (Erasmus @INSA Lyon – France, IIT Delhi’23) walks us through the 3 Ways to Approach Guesstimate Questions in an Interview.

The equity market is dynamic, and the majority of people have no idea what type of work is done in it. Every position in the equity market is highly competitive. Despite the risk factor and the pressure it imposes, many people are interested in entering the equity market as a career option because of the large revenues and consistent growth path.

In the second episode of Season 2 of “3 For Thursday,” we speak with Rishita Motwani, the founder of Finance Cafe, an experienced Educator, Trainer, Qualified Chartered Accountant, Wealth Portfolio Designer, Digital Entrepreneur, and Advocate based in India, about three extremely important skills one must have (or develop) to land a role in the equity market.

Only when a chapter comes to an end do you get to start a new one. With this, we couldn’t be happier to welcome you to the second season of Fmi’s 3 For Thursday.In this first episode of season two, Fmi delves into “3 Skills That Students Need To Know to Land a Role in Global Markets at a Top Bank,” which highlights insights from our guest Varna Tiwari, an IIT Kharagpur Graduate, currently working at JP Morgan Chase as Analyst at Credit Structuring Department.