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Working at JP Morgan Chase & Co as an Investment Banker

Written by Fmi.Online

In 2015 I got the opportunity for an interview in JP Morgan Chase & Co. for the Senior Team Member – Reconciliations Specialist in Cash Equities Role. I was excited that I reviewed Financial Markets products like I always do even on my free time. My final interview was with the Vice President of the Reconciliations Operating Unit, Avishek. His questions focuses on what I know about Trade Lifecycle, Settlements, and product specific like FXs. He mentioned that he was kind of reminded of the days that he was trading foreign exchange. He flipped my resume and gave me his pen to draw a candlestick and describe to him the “High Price” and the “Low Price” that is used for Technical Analysis, well so far, I can tell by his face that he was satisfied with my answers. After that rigorous interview, we shook hands and somehow didn’t get a call back from that week. I thought I was in the waiting list or so. I sent a follow-up message to the Human Resources who facilitated my interview, by God’s grace I received an offer and asking me to come back to the recruitment hub for the onboarding requirements. 

And I thought this was it! I am finally going to be part of the biggest bank in the world in terms of assets. Like on LinkedIn, “I am happy to announce that I am now part of JP Morgan Chase & Co. to handle APAC and EMEA.” 

During my first days, I was having talks with some of my teammates Avi was sharing to the team how the interview went and meeting me. They told me that they thought that I was applying for a higher role because of feedback of Avi. Kind words from my ex-boss and I’m thankful for the opportunity he gave me.  

I didn’t expect that he mentioned that I aced the interview and with my exposure that I am able to answer the product-specific questions. 

I could share with you some habits when it comes to reading about those products. 

📈 Expand your knowledge across different financial instruments. 

With the interview I went through, I haven’t really had a touch base on FX when it comes to operations. In trading perspective, yes, I had the opportunity to learn about a Broker whose owner was with the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). That’s where I learned about Macroeconomic trends and how it affects the currency’s price. 

📈 Attend seminars or rather, webinars not just in Capital Markets but check also business webinars.  

Pre pandemic I experienced attending like 2-3 seminars on a weekend just to sharpen my knowledge. Though the challenge there was the traffic and difficulty of finding a parking spot. I somehow had to circle back like 2-3 times in that area due to the traffic regulations. However, I will somehow maximize the seminar and give my 100%. Even on webinars, that’s much easier to find. You can just use Zoom for your attendance then you can get real time updates and information. 

📈 Invest in yourself and get certifications. 

Employers and hiring managers like Avi are also looking at certifications also. It creates the impression as well that you give importance to learning. Of course aside from the fact of quality learnings to be applied, it’s also like a badge that you are a captain of the industry. Quality education that offers would go a long way in your career and posting that on LinkedIn as well. 

I really had a great time and learned so much about Reconciliations. And I also gave back to the firm by producing as well timely reports and SLAs, Process Improvements for the team. And I am grateful for the recognition and value the company gave me over the years.  

Knowledge is power only when put to use and then only when the use made of it is constructive. ~David Schwartz.

Article Published by: Carlos Payumo Garcia, CLSSYB.

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